PREETHI ARCHITECTS is a firm headed by Manjunatha and Preethi. Since 2003, Manjunatha and Preethi have collaborated on the design and construction of many successful commercial and residential projects. They formed Preethi ARCHITECTS in early 2003 to capitalize on this successful 5-year relationship, combining their talents with those their staff to create an architecture firm offering the highest level of design complimented with strong development and construction experience.

To often Architects work under delusion about a clients budget, and when bids come in high for construction the team must scramble to make last minute changes to fit the budget, resulting in schedule delay and a diluted design. We design, develop and construct many of our own projects.

Here we dont just build but nascence the creativity.

This architect led design/develop/built model has given us a unique understanding of value of design as both an owner and a general contractor. We are uniquely qualified to balance our clients scope and budget with feedback throughout the design process while ensuring spaces remain intact. Our primary inspiration to adopt this working methord comes from our desire to create lasting and meaningful architecture.


As a Principal designer, Manjunatha countinuously seeks innovative aproches to achieve distinct yet elegent architectural design. His ace designing abilities had taken him to various design consultations and collaborations in China and Saudi- Arabia.

“Archiecture has alwats been my passion, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching your creation come to life.”


Preethi started her career at the age of 19 with Manjunatha and scince then she has successfuly developed and completed many residential projects. Sehe earnt her Masters from French University and worked fr the most prestigious projectof Le orbusier ‘Eglise de Firminy’ in France. 6 years experience in France has yeilded her scores of experience in leading large projects and working through their many complexities.